For the last couple of months, Manitobans have been watching the flood forecast. It seemed inevitable that tall the good reports coming in wouldn't last, and this past weekend we got our first worrisome news.

Over this past weekend, high water warnings were issued for the Assiniboine River, and on Saturday the Portage Diversion was officially put into action, as noted by the Winnipeg Free Press. At this point, there is a risk of overland flooding in some parts of the province due to spring runoff.

Flooding in Winnipeg homes doesn't just happen from overland sources. Sewer backups can occur with heavy water melt or a rainstorm, particularly if you have issues such as tree roots or other debris in your mainline.

So take this time to heed the warnings from the flood forecast - while the rising Assiniboine River may not affect you directly, it is that reminder to be conscious of the state of your sump pump and main line. If you haven't had your pump checked or your mainline cleared, now's the time to do so; and if you don't have a pump installed yet, now's the time to get the job done.

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