Your garage exterior is an important place to illuminate at night.  While parking, or tending to household chores during dark hours, flood lights can help to make the garage area a safer and more efficient space.  Garage areas are also a common area for thieves to focus on, as a garage often contains high value items.

Bulb Choices
When it comes to choosing the right fixture, there are many options.  Since flood lights tend to be left on for extended periods, it makes sense to purchase the most of efficient lights that are available.  One of the newest products available for outdoor illumination include LED flood lights.  They are known for their durability and longevity, as well as their increased lifespan.  LED lights cost more than other options however.

Other bulb options include CFD style bulbs or incandescent bulbs.  CFD involve a compact fluorescent bulb, often in a spiral configuration, and they are also known for their efficiency.

Motion Sensors
This is a practical way to ensure that areas are lit only when you need it.  These devices can be mounted to an existing fixture, or you can purchase a floodlight fixture that already has a motion detector attached.  These detect movement within a range of about 75 feet.  Once movement is detected, the light will switch on.  Once the motion has stopped, the light will turn off between 1 and 10 minutes, depending on the settings of the particular fixture you choose.

Another energy saving feature you could choose for your floodlight is a dusk-to-dawn feature, which uses a light sensor to switch the light on or off.  When the natural, outdoor light from the sun is detected, the light remains off.  Once darkness falls, the light comes back on.  This helpful feature means you never have to worry about forgetting to shut off your exterior flood lights.

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