If you’ve got an older Winnipeg home that needs some electrical work, you might be scared of an unknown electrician breaking holes in your walls, ripping up your floors, or sawing through your baseboards to install updated electrical wiring.

One of the most difficult tasks to undertake neatly is replacement of old knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring in a structure.  Your concerns are warranted. This replacement is often done because of safety concerns, or is mandated by an insurance company, in which case work must be contracted and performed quickly.

The term “minimal damage” is subjective.  One contractor might think it’s okay to punch as many holes as possible until they find the existing wiring or a good path to run the new wiring.  At On Time Group, we take “minimal damage” literally.  We will respect your Winnipeg home as if it was our own while upgrading your electrical system to modern standards that will meet your needs and those of your insurance company.

We are A+ BBB rated contractors who are certified electricians and take more than the usual amount of care when working in your Winnipeg home.  We understand the craftsmanship that went into your home and we plan to preserve that as best as we possibly can.

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