There are two very good reasons to change your furnace filter regularly – the quality of the air in your Winnipeg home, and the efficient and continued function of your Winnipeg home heating and cooling equipment.

You should always change your filter regularly, and there is a schedule recommended by the manufacturer or installer of your furnace.  Always ensure the right filter is being used for your machine, reference the size of the filter before you buy a new one.  Prices for replacement filters run from very cheap (a dollar or two) for fiberglass to $20+ for pleated cloth or disposable electrostatic filters.  Base your decision on your needs, and make sure you do the replacement on time!

The importance of timely replacement helps eliminate dust and other particles from getting pushed into the air ducts and just lingering around until you clean your air ducts.  The filters job is to catch the particles and keep them from entering your furnace being circulated throughout your Winnipeg home.  If you are not regularly changing your furnace filter regularly, it begs the question, have you ever cleaned your air ducts?

One the filter becomes clogged it can't trap any more particles and the furnace will have trouble recirculating clean, fresh air. The clog will impede the flow of air so now the furnace motor will have to work harder to circulate the same amount of air.  The clog will also begin to form a layer of insulation over the heating and cooling transfer components, and this compromises the quality of the air in your home.  As the dust and particles contaminated your furnace, they will be distributed through your home and remain there until you clean your air ducts.

Whatever your air quality needs are, On Time Group are A+ BBB rated contractors providing residential and commercial duct cleaning and air quality services in Winnipeg.  We are hear to help you maintain your Winnipeg home so call us today and ask about our discount on duct cleaning.  Contact On Time Group online or by calling (204) 774-1474 today.