Duct cleaning is a dirty job, but it's an extremely necessary one, and whether you're a home or business owner in Winnipeg, both need ductwork cleaned to ensure that you're running your HVAC system effectively and efficiently.

When you're running a commercial system, the key to successful duct cleaning is to have a company that understands the intricacies that come with HVAC for a large building. While a smaller business, say the kind you'd find at the end of a residential block in Winnipeg, would be likely running the same system as a home, a larger building that hosts multiple companies is bound to be a more complex system, requiring specialized work.

Take a look at the rooftop of any large complex. Chances are you're going to see external ductwork, turning vanes, large heating and cooling coils and mixing and filter boxes.

This is where you need a company like On Time Group, whose expertise lies both in residential and commercial HVAC services. We've run our duct cleaning services in single-family homes all the way up to large complexes and are ready to serve your Winnipeg business.

And there's no question - with winter dissipating fast, now's the time to do your duct cleaning.

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