Pets are great companions and we all know that dogs come with a particular set of problems for those afflicted by allergies.  Pet dander is a common problem with pet owners and this can collect in your ductwork and cause problems when your furnace turns on.  Simple steps like frequent cleaning of your floors and carpet, and changing your furnace filters regularly are good ways to keep the problem at bay, but duct cleaning every so often will help immensely.

Dander is not the only thing that can collect in ductwork.  Other items commonly found inside the heating ducts of most pet owner’s homes will include dog hair, toys, dog food and dog treats.  Registers usually do a good job of keeping larger items out of ducts, but a high-spirited canine can easily unsettle a loose floor register leaving the duct open.  An open duct can swallow a multitude of small or large items.  Once an items falls down a duct, it often goes unnoticed, and if it can be seen, it is often difficult or impossible to reach in and extract it.  If you look in your duct from the register, and you can see foreign objects, just imagine what may be lurking beyond where you can actually see.  Over time, these foreign objects will impede airflow and add unnecessary strain to your HVAC system.

Additionally, organic items that fall into your ducts can create an environment for unhealthy germs, and mold to grow.

If you are a dog lover but find that your sinuses become irritated when your heating or cooling system turns on, you may have pet related debris clogging your ductwork.  A simple solution is to have your ducts cleaned by a professional.