Knob and tube wiring was a type of electrical wiring commonly used in residential and commercial construction in Winnipeg prior to the 1940s.  Knob and tube wiring can greatly affect your home insurance situation when buying a new home.

The problem with knob and tube wiring isn’t usually the wiring itself, it’s the demand placed on it.  When it was the standard, homes used far less electricity.  In today’s power-hungry world, it’s likely the average household has numerous appliances, entertainment devices, and lights in use at one time, far exceeding the planned capacity of the original knob and tube wiring.

Many Winnipeg insurance companies are no longer willing to assume the risks associated with overloading obsolete wiring in homes.  When buying a new home, or at annual renewal time, they may refuse to continue coverage if the knob and tube wiring isn’t replaced with more modern wiring.  Often, they give very short timelines for this retrofit, and if you can’t comply, you’ll find yourself without insurance and in hot water with your mortgage provider.

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