Maintaining your ductwork is very important to ensure that your air-conditioning unit is working properly through the hot-weather season.  Problems with your ductwork can lead to less comfort, less efficiency, and a shorter lifespan for your AC equipment.

Leaking ductwork is a problem that could cause air to vent where you do not want it to, such as a basement or crawlspace.  Leaks can be caused by holes in the ducting, but the most common cause is the separation of ductwork joints.  This can be caused by slippage, or by the loosening of any duct tape.  Most ductwork should be joined mechanically with flanges or sheet metal screws.  If you notice any damage to your ductwork, you may want to have it tested for leaks to ensure that your conditioned air is being delivered to the areas that you want.

You may find that your ductwork is exposed to environmental conditions that affect the delivery of air to your home.  In this case, an insulated duct may be required, particularly if your ducts run through “hot zones” in an attic area which could have a significant effect on cold air supply ducts.

Another common problem that inhibits the proper delivery of cold air to your rooms in the summer relates to clogged ductwork.  It is important to have you ducts checked and cleaned regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly and efficiently.  Cleaning your ductwork will not only improve the efficiency of your cooling system, it will also improve the air quality by removing dirt, dust and other debris that can harbor mold and bacteria.

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