In Winnipeg, we had a hard winter, with lots of snow.  Spring is finally on the way, and we’re grateful.  Take a second, however, to consider the effects of the winter snowfall on your Air Conditioning unit.  Every year, many AC condenser units (the part of your Central AC system that’s outside the house) are ruined by flooding.  While some parts can withstand a short-term immersion, the motor and electrical components will surely be ruined by flooding, costing you considerable money.

How Can I Prevent Flooding of my AC Unit?

The solution could be very simple.  Clear the snow and ice from the immediate area, and make sure that the water produced by the spring melt flows away from the unit.
This might not be the solution you need, especially if your air conditioning unit is mounted at ground level (usually on a poured concrete slab to absorb vibration).  It might be necessary to elevate the unit (perhaps temporarily, or maybe for good).  There are brackets available which will allow you to mount the condenser unit higher off the ground, on the wall of your home.

How do I move my AC Unit?

Generally, this isn’t a job for the average homeowner.  There are electrical (240V) and coolant lines attached, which will require special handling.

If you’re worried that the Manitoba snows will melt and flood your Air Conditioner, launch a preemptive strike. On Time Group can help you relocate your AC Condenser Unit, preventing expensive flood damage.

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