We do remember to have our furnaces serviced because without a working heat source we will get pretty chilly.  But many of us overlook duct cleaning as required maintenance in our homes.  Here’s why we shouldn’t overlook cleaning our ducts and vents.

Airborne Particles
While we regularly sweep and vacuum our houses, we are unable to reach the inside of our heating system’s air passages.  Imagine what your coffee table would look like if you didn’t dust it for five years.  That’s what the inside of neglected air ducts are like.  This dust can be expelled into the living areas of the home, where it makes a mess and causes allergies.

Mould and Other Health Hazards
Ductwork is warm and dark.  Just add moisture, and you have the perfect breeding ground for hazardous mold.  Periodic inspection and cleaning of your air ducts will help ensure that your family isn’t exposed to it.

A Home to Vermin
Rodents and insects love ducts, because they’re excellent hiding places.  Unfortunately, infestations are hard to detect and even harder to get rid of.  Besides being a nuisance, some pests carry disease, which can be distributed through the home through air circulated by the furnace.

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