A sump pump is an important device to monitor and maintain in your home

- Failure can result in thousands of dollars in water damage to your basement, especially if it is close to your furnace or water heater.

One of the most common indicators that your sump pump may be ready to fail is if it is constantly running.  In some cases, a wet spring may simply cause the pump to run continuously because of a high amount of water, but it may also be due to other problems such as a faulty shut off switch, damaged or worn-out impellor vanes, or a problem with the discharge line.

Another sign of a problem is if your sump pump simply will not run.  This may be a simple fix such as a power source issue.  If the breaker is tripped or the motor is not plugged in, the pump may be fine, but it could also mean that the pump motor is no longer functioning, which will require an immediate sump pump replacement.

sump pump is designed to run long enough to evacuate water from the sump pit, and then stop running once the water level reaches a low point.  When water collects in the pit and gets to a pre-determined level, a float-switch will turn the pump on again.  If you detect that this cycle has changed, it may be due to a change in water flow in the pit, but it also may indicate a problem with the float switch.  If your pump is frequently cycling on and off, make sure to have it checked for proper operation.

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