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Winnipeg Sump Pump Services

Worried about your basement flooding? 

Our Plumbing Contractors at On Time Group are licensed by the City of Winnipeg. We are A+ BBB rated, professionally trained and certified, reputable plumbing contractors available for 24/7 emergency and same day services for all your Sump Pump and In-Line Backwater Valve repairs, installations, and maintenance services across Winnipeg. 

There are many different sump pump systems on the market.  A reliable and effective sump pump system should have an AC-powered primary pump, an AC-powered secondary sump pump, a battery backup system, and a full-perimeter drainage system. 

Ty talks Winnipeg Plumbing and tips to prevent your basement from flooding.

Ty talks Winnipeg Plumbing and tips to prevent your basement from flooding.

Did you know that installing a sump pump drainage system and in-line backwater valve are eligible for a subsidy?  

The City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba offers a subsidy program to help protect your home from severe weather. It is the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program.

However, the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba can only offer the subsidy program when funding is available. They will continue to accept applications and will process them in the order in which they were received.

According to the eligibility criteria for the subsidy the property owner cannot do the work themselves. Call us for a free estimate and if we are the approved contractor we will obtain all the appropriate permits from the Planning, Property and Development Department.  We can help to arrange the inspections, and we will provide a detailed invoice with the cost breakdown of all charges.

It is also important to understand that the approved contractor does not apply for the subsidy and each customer is responsible for submitting the application form.  Subsidies for eligible installations are subject to available funding and are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program Application Form.

Back Water Valve

  • $1,799.99
  • Less Subsidy ($1,000.00)*
  • $799.99 Installed!    

Sump Pump and Pit

  • Price $2,499.99
  • Less Subsidy ($1,500.00)*
  • $999.99 Installed!


  • Price $3,999.99 Less Subsidy ($2,400.00)* 
  • $1599.99 Installed!
  • * Subsidy Information: City of Winnipeg Basement Flood Protection Subsidy, if eligible. On Time Group does not guarantee any City of Winnipeg Subsidy funding.

Note: Pricing includes up to 50' of electrical wiring, breaking and replacing the concrete, existing concrete not to be thicker than 6” and interior concrete trenching not to exceed 6’. Discharge piping not to exceed 24 feet. Anything above these sizes will need to be requoted.

Call for free inspection to confirm details. All pricing is subject to applicable taxes.

We understand how valuable your time is so we provide you with smaller appointment windows accompanied with the promise of punctuality. Available for 24/7 emergency services our experienced and reputable Plumbing Contractors will provide you with quality work while respecting your property like it was their very own. 

Call us for a free quote at (204) 774-1474 or complete the form below to connect for all your Sump Pump and Back Water Valve repairs, installations, and maintenance services across Winnipeg.

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