The unfortunate reality of home ownership in Winnipeg is that we're likely going to get hit by flooding at one point or another.

Whether it comes up through the drains or in through window wells, there is a likelihood of water damage to your basement or other areas of your home. How you handle the water can make all the difference in the world.

The natural reaction, when you first see water in your home is to panic - but it's also important to keep your head straight on your shoulders and move forward smartly in removing water and assessing damage.

First and foremost, find the source of the flooding and see if you can stop the flow. If this is a busted pipe or overflowing toilet, shut off the connection.

Next, call On Time Group for water removal solutions. The best path out of your home may very well be through your drains. Remember - we're available 24/7 for assessment and assistance.

Once you place your call to On Time, be sure to start taking photos or video of the water in your home and as the levels go down. This will aid you in an insurance claim, which will be your next phone call/email communication. This will help you in moving forward with cleanup/replacement.

Of course, the next plan of action is assessment of where the water came from and how to prevent damage in the future. There are a variety of potential strategies you can take depending on the source of the water. If it's sewer backup, you might need to do mainline work or install a sump pump. If it's from your window wells, cleaning in these areas will have to be done more thoroughly down the line or potential renovations such as recaulking or full window replacement.

If you have had any history of flooding in your Winnipeg home, call On Time Group today at 204 774 1474- we'll ensure your home is ready to fend off the next potential flood.