Air quality is directly correlated with our overall mental and physical health so the better the air quality the healthier we are, and visa versa.

The quality of indoor air is five times worse then the quality of outdoor air, and poor air quality is a direct link to fatigue, asthma, allergies, and sickness. Considering Environment Canada estimates that we as Canadians spend approximately 90% of our lives indoors, it seems we should make keeping a clean house priority, and a semi-annual household routine.

A great way to naturally clean our indoor air is using a variety of house plants as plants will help filter out the harmful chemical pollutants and brighten up our living space.

Indoor Air Pollutants come in biological form and are living organisms such as mould, bacteria and dust mites. There are also chemical pollutants such as gases, tobacco smoke, personal care products, carbon monoxide from household appliances and products, and various building materials.

We can combat against indoor air pollutants by improving our indoor air quality through;

  • semi-annual spring cleaning
  • an annual duct cleaning
  • proper ventilation to combat molds from forming
  • home air filters and purifiers
  • variety of house plants

The household plants recommended for naturally purifying your air are:

Anthurium/Flamingo Flower

Pteridophyta or Fern

Spathiphyllum/Peace Lily

Health Canada has many good resources and guidelines about the health risks of specific indoor pollutants accompanied with how to manage your residential Indoor Air Quality. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook for links to home improvement resources and tips from our hired professionals to our industry leading partners.