There are two very good reasons to change your furnace filter regularly – the quality of the air in your home, and the efficient and continued function of your heating equipment.
In a forced-air furnace, all the air fed into your furnace for heating your home is first passed through a filter – usually spun fiberglass, cloth, or open cell foam.  The filter’s job is to catch particles of dust and other contaminants and keep them from entering your furnace and being circulated through your Winnipeg home.

If the filter becomes clogged, the furnace will have trouble recirculating air, and the quality of air in your home can be compromised as the filter can’t trap any more particles, and contaminated air enters your furnace and is distributed through your home.

A clogged filter will make your heating system inefficient in two ways – first by impeding the flow of air and making the motor work harder to circulate the same amount of heated air through your home, and by allowing particles to enter the furnace itself, and form a layer of insulation over heat and air conditioning transfer components.

You should always change your filter on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer or installer of your furnace, and use a filter of the appropriate size.  Prices for replacement filters run from very cheap (a dollar or two) for fiberglass to $20+ for pleated cloth or disposable electrostatic filters.  Base your decision on your needs, and make sure you do the replacement on time!

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