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Commercial Electricians

Need an electrician for your local business? 

The safety and security of our customers are our highest priority and our Electricians can help ensure your office and workspace areas are safe for you and your employees. We can also help you reduce your energy consumption and the cost of your monthly bill by implementing energy efficient upgrades.

Electrical Safety Inspections

  • It is not uncommon for your insurance agency to require a risk assessment inspection from time to time.  We can perform thorough Electrical Safety Inspections which analyzes your entire electrical system.

Generator Installation and Maintenance

  • Generators can provide you with a reliable power source for your business - even in the event of a power outage, ice storm or heat wave. Maximize your employee's productivity by minimizing the risk of downtime.
  • If installing a generator we will also need a transfer switch to safely supply the necessary power.

Surge Protection

  • Equipment failures are often caused by surges that damage both internal and external sources.
    Don't take the risk.

Wiring Upgrades

  • Let's eliminate all possible electrical hazards and insurance risks with wiring upgrades for your commercial real estate. 
  • Ensure your workplace is compliant with the NEC (National Electrical Code). 

Specialty Lighting

  • Landscape and Security Lighting 
      Can help deter crime while customers or residents feel comfortable and safe.
  • Ballasts and Bulbs
      Install, replace, repair or upgrade lights and ballasts for your office or workspace.
  • Recessed Lighting
      An element of sophistication while highlighting work areas, artwork, architecture or decór.
  • Custom Lighting
      Anything from energy-efficient lighting to replicating your creative ideas and designs.

Shock and Fire Prevention AFCIs - GFCIs

  • Prevent workplace injuries and electrical hazards by installing new arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

Code Updates & Corrections

  • Comprehensive electrical code inspections help to ensure your building's electrical systems are compliant with the most up-to-date electrical codes.  Our electricians can make all the necessary upgrades while on-site.

Dedicated Computer Circuitry

  • Have your electricity fed through different circuit breakers to minimize electrical hazards and computer power outages with a dedicated circuit for your medium to heavy duty appliances.

Circuit Installation & Upgrades

  • Ensure your electrical system can safely handle high powered devices while eliminating the risk of shocks and fire.

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