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All Winnipeg home's will have a central heating system consisting of a heating source, a distribution source and a control source. If your furnace is on the fritz then one of these three components will most likely be the problem.

Heating system sales and service centre

Central Heating System Functionality

The Heating Source - Either a furnace or a boiler (water or steam).  Also available are natural gas, electric heating sources, propane and oil, heat pumps, active solar heating, and geothermal looping.
The Distribution Source - Using ducts and registers, pipes, radiators, and some might also use space heaters.  

The Control Source

- The thermostat will control the amount of heat you want distributed throughout the home. A programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% on your energy bills.
Your most common heating source is the Furnace Heating Systems which will operate with a pilot light and uses natural draft venting through a metal chimney. Another common heating source is your mid efficiency furnace which uses an electronic ignition (which eliminates the need for a pilot light) and uses an induced draft fan for the distribution system.

Upgrading to a Natural gas furnace will save you approximately 35% of your annual heating bill. This heating source uses the extracted energy (which is a bi-product of burning natural gas) from water vapor to operate. However, this furnace will require a plastic venting system and most conventional central heating systems use a metal chimney. Therefore, if you have a natural gas water heater and want to switch to a high-efficiency natural gas furnace, your contractor needs to inform you if your chimney meets the Manitoba provincial requirements.

Electric furnaces or baseboard heaters will use heating elements to generate heat and nearly 100% of the electricity consumed will contribute to the warmth of your home. Depending on the size of your home, how many you want to install, and your current capacity of the electrical appliances, you might need to upgrade your electrical panel to a 200-amp service.

Propane or Boiler Heating Systems will typically be more expensive than your natural gas and electric systems. This heating source is commonly used in areas where natural gas is unavailable. Did you know that if you replaced this heating source with a high-efficiency natural gas -or- electric furnace -or- electric boiler that you would receive a $245 rebate? Refer to the Manitoba Hydro website for complete details.

Geothermal heat pump systems, use the earth's soil temperatures and renewable energy to heat and or cool your home. This system will provide reliable heat distribution throughout your home and will significantly reduce your home's energy use.  It is expensive to install, but it will save you money over the long-term because you will see an annual heating cost savings of approximately 50% - 70%.

This system is expensive to install because you might require landscaping and or home renovations, therefore we strongly encourage everyone to call Manitoba Hydro to ensure this is even an option for your home.

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